Our contribution to sustainable development is based on the production of high-quality products with a longer lifespan which can be used multiple times, and most importantly, they are suitable for quality recycling. In cooperation with our customers, we strive to maximize the participation of recycled materials in the final product. With the recent renovation of the machinery, we have achieved significantly higher productivity while reducing electricity consumption at the same time.

With this method of production, we are apply the circular economy model, a system in which production resources, waste and excessive consumption of electricity are significantly reduced by slowing down, rounding off and extending the energy and material cycles in production.

We recycle the entire technological waste generated in our production and convert it into a new quality resources. The application of the circular model in production results in a final product that is less harmful to the environment, and that is one of our main goals.

We pay special attention to the production of packaging from biocompostable materials. These materials are suitable for home and/or industrial composting (according to European standard EN13432). The degree of biodegradation of these products is greater than 90% in a period of 180 days, and significant savings in electricity are achieved during their production. They are suitable for the production of all types of bags, and by gradually increasing their share in our production, we make an increasing contribution to the preservation of the environment.

By applying the ISO standards, and especially the ISO 14001:2015 standard (Environmental Protection Management System), we establish mechanisms that reduce the risk of environmental pollution, the number of incidents and strengthen the organization’s reliability in meeting legal and other environmental protection requirements. By consistently implementing all business standards, we ensure safe waste management, reduction of energy consumption and all types of environmental pollution.